Introducing Shingo Yuji (2010)

"Introducing Shingo Yuji is an eclectic delight! Modern jazz minimalism where two cultures collide and one of the more adventurous trios is the end result. " −

My first solo recording effort.

Featuring my compositions, which incorporate influences from music, art, stories, philosophy and people I love in jazz format, as well as fresh renditions of jazz-classic and pop/folk music.

1. Laputa
2. Shadows on the Sun
3. The Dry Cleaner from Des Moines (Charles Mingus)
4. A Song for the One
5. Improvisation and Variations on Itsuki Lullaby
6. Ame (Rain) - Interlude
7. Help (Lennon-McCartney)
8. Rashōmon

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Album Personnel:
Shingo Yuji on guitar (No overdub)
Dan Schnelle on drums
Dave Robaire on bass
Walter Smith on tenor saxophone (Track1&2)

All the tracks were recorded on 12/18/2010 at Big City Recording Studio, except track 5 was recorded on 02/23/2011.

Mixed and mastered by Paul Tavenner.

Digital download available on CD baby, iTunes, etc.

Hard copies are available at CD baby.