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The Organizer by EarthQuaker Devices!

posted Feb 7, 2013, 3:04 PM by Shingo Yuji   [ updated Feb 7, 2013, 3:36 PM ]
This pedal, the Organizer (polyphonic organ emulator) by EarthQuaker Devices, just arrived.

At the NAMM show, I visited EarthQuaker Devices' booth to try out the pedal I'd been thinking to get. People there were so nice. They complimented me on my playing and gave me discount, but that was over my budget. So I just gave them my info and my CD and told them that I'd contact when I'm ready to buy.

Few days later, they provided me with the pedal for free, saying "We liked your CD better than others we received from the NAMM". What an honor.. Such great people.

They make very high-quality handmade out-of-the-box-thinking pedals.
I've tried all of the other competitions (as far as I know). the Organizer beats all of them for its much clearer and more natural sounding overtones and its small size.

I'm not an official endorser or anything but feel like am. I'll try to put up either audio or video of me playing this pedal soon.

Much love and respect for the people at the EarthQuaker Devices.

Please check them out.