"Shingo possesses a tremendous drive to excel that is masked by an unassuming and modest demeanor. One might be tempted to invoke the sacred word "genius" to describe his talent." − Jazmuzic.com

"With a rare combination of wisdom and vision that bellies his youth, Yuji has recorded an innovative disc that whets the appetite for what is yet to come from this cross-cultural fusionist. " All About Jazz

Los Angeles based guitarist / composer / shakuhachi player, Shingo Yuji was born in Kumamoto, Japan. When Shingo was 9 years old his father, a guitarist, introduced him to the guitar - this would signal the beginning of a lifelong passion of music for Shingo.

A turning point came when Shingo discovered what would become the greatest influence of his life - the music of Jaco Pastorius. He recalls, "It was something that I had thought impossible to do on the bass guitar, much less a regular guitar. Soon after, I started to try playing what he did on the bass on the guitar. That was the first jazz record I ever purchased and it changed my life." This sparked a new fascination for Shingo and helped him develop his unique finger-picking techniques.

In December of 2010, he recorded his debut album entitled "Introducing Shingo Yuji" with the help of Dan Schnelle on drums, Dave Robaire on bass, and the amazing saxophonist Walter Smith Ⅲ featured on a few tracks. The album features original compositions and covers of Mingus, Beatles and a folk song.

Shingo has been fortunate to perform with / learn from such as Victor Wooten, Wynton Marsalis, Willie Jones Ⅲ, Herman Jackson, James Leary, Jacques Lesure, Nick Mancini, Walter Smith Ⅲ, Ryan Cavanaugh, Keith Emerson, John Pisano, Dave Pozzi, Tony Grey, and so on.

Shingo is comfortable in many different styles of music. He is very knowledgeable in Asian music and is skilled with the shakuhachi, a traditional Japanese flute, which he studied under the master Kodo Tsurugi, the president of Kumamoto Japanese Traditional Music Association. 

Shingo is endorsed by Paul Reed Smith Guitars, Acoustic Image amplifications and Raezer's Edge speaker cabinets.